The Baker Hotel, Mineral Wells, Texas

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Baker Team Duo: Drawing on Old Dreams

June 15, 2014
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Thiels excited about their work on the Baker project.

The Thiels

When pen meets paper, dreams become reality.

While the Baker Hotel was imagined more than 80 years ago, two modern artists are putting their spin on the old dream that is poised to come back to life.

Owners of Thiel and Thiel and partners in the Baker Restoration Team, interior designer Beth Thiel and architect Kurt Thiel have already made their mark on Mineral Wells, and it's about to become permanent as the Baker Hotel prepares for its long overdue facelift.

If you have been to nearly any meeting in town regarding the Baker restoration project prior to the 4B sales tax election in May, then you have already seen the Thiels' work as they are the firm that drafted the floor plans for the project, which are on display at Jitter Beans Roasting Company.

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