The Baker Hotel, Mineral Wells, Texas

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The Baker Boys

May 27, 2014
By Christina Mlynski
Southlake Style

These weekend warriors are on a mission to restore hope.

Chad Patton and Laird Fairchild

In a town of 17,000 people, there's no way you can miss it. Descending into Mineral Wells, it soars high at 14 stories tall, as the forest green hills add a fitting backdrop to its rustic elegance. While its exterior is tattered and hundreds of rooms have remained vacant for more than 40 years, the Baker Hotel is far from over.

"You can't miss the Baker," says Hunter Chase Capital Partners senior managing director Laird Fairchild. "You can see it from miles away, and anybody who drives through Mineral Wells for the first time, it peaks their interest. You feel that it's still the lifeline to this town."

It's a love story that began 13 years ago for Fairchild and his partner/ financial advisor Chad Patton who saw an opportunity to breathe life and restore a piece of history located in Palo Pinto County. Taking an opportunity to use his father's hunting lease, these weekend warriors have made Mineral Wells their home away from Southlake.

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